Galentine Day’s Date

When you don’t have the love of your life beside you, many days seem trivial and useless. Therefore, instead of downing your sorrows in tubs of chocolate ice-cream, gather all your single gal pals and have a movie night!

The Complete Woman community took the liberty to gather some of the iconic movies that celebrate female friendships in its purest form. So pop some corn kernels, pick up your wine glasses, prop your pillows and brace yourself for a film fest!

1. Pitch Perfect

This movie will surely tickle your inner singer. Anna Kendrick is an aspiring DJ and wants to move to L.A. to pursue her dreams. Her plans change when her father insists to enroll herself in Barden University and join at least one student club.She becomes a part of an all-female cappella group called ‘Barden Bellas’. Anna is blunt and kick-love-in-a-dumpster kind of girl. Also, Rebel Wilson brings her sassy self and takes the movie to a whole new height.


2. Queen

Kangana Ranaut is known for her no-nonsense attitude. Her movies give a nice kick to the mainstream Bollywood films.Queen follows Rani (Kangana) through a rough patch in her life when her fiancé refuses to marry her. She ends up going on her honeymoon alone in Paris, where she meets Lisa Hayden who works in the hotel that she stays in. This movie will give you serious travelling goals. If you’re suffering from a bad breakup, this will surely help repair your self-esteem.

3. Bridesmaids

Is it the wedding season yet? Because Bridesmaid will make you get your friends married right away! The movie talks about the struggles Annie Walker faces when she is asked to be the maid of honour for her best friend’s wedding. Trouble brews when one of the bridesmaids and Annie start disliking each other because of the jealousy they bear for each other’s friendship with Lillian, the bride.However, Annie pulls everything back together and ensures that her best friend experiences the wedding of her dreams.If you’re looking for comedy, this movie will have your stomach in fits of laughter.

4. Bend It Like Beckham

18-year-old Jesminder Bhamra was not allowed to play football because her family did not believe in girls’ participation in sports. However, it doesn’t curb her zest for the game and she continues to play in the park with her friends. On one such day, Jules Paxton, who notices her skills, invites her to play with her team. Thus, the foundation of their friendship is laid amidst many football victories too!

 5. Mona Lisa Smile

In this 2003 film, Julia Roberts plays an empowering professor at Wellesley College in the 1950s. As her students face the pressure to become housewives, she brings them together to follow their passions.The film calls to throw your Valentine’s Day expectations out of the window and embrace the power of sisterhood instead.


6. Love Ka The End 

Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) has just finished with her Junior College and she already fancies herself marrying her charming, rich boyfriend Luv Nanda. Unfortunately, the only thing Luv wants is to win a contest called BBC (Billionaire Boys Club), which is a rage amongst billionaire boys. In order to win, the participants are required to upload videos of themselves with girls while making out and stuff. The more limits you cross, the more points you gain.The only way for him to win this contest is to get Rhea in bed with him on the eve of her 18th birthday as it will get him a score of another 1000 points.Too bad for Luv, Rhea gets to know his intentions and together with her best friends, she devises a plan to destroy him.If you’ve ever loved John Tucker Must Die, then this movie is just for you.

7. Sex and The City 1 & 2
One of my all-time favourite movies, Sex and the City will surely tie all your friends in a golden bond of sisterhood.The plot revolves around four women – Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha who are tight-knit friends. What was originally supposed to be a romantic getaway changes to an adventure for the four women and bringing them closer than ever.

Part 2 continues the saga with another trip to the Middle East when all these four friends try to get away from their disturbing personal relationships only to make their friends bond stronger.

Can you already hear the popcorn popping? Stop your dilly-dallying and gather around! Ain’t any night better than a movie night.


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