4 women, 4 spooky stories!!!

The matter of ghosts or spirits is completely an open-minded perspective and not everyone can be expected to agree to them. It is like I once heard in a movie that ‘the stories of ghosts is just like that of UFO’s. Only the ones who have seen or experienced it will be assertive about its existence’.

While talking to so many women, we picked out four of the spookiest and ghastly stories that women shared with us. Since the stories are based in India, it shall also have the existence of Indian religious practitioners as well as superstitions, but yet, they have claimed for the stories to be true. All stories are anonymous. Read on…

1) We moved into a new house which was more of a four-bedroom villa. My sister and I happened to see a black shadow moving around in the house. But soon, our mom fell sick. Late at night, she was being harassed. And by harassed I mean, screaming in her ears when she was in deep sleep, lifting of the bed, banging of hands next to her, opening and shutting of doors, and threatening sounds that she would not live for long.

We visited a Reiki master who had mastered in the energy of healing through the mantra of ‘OM’. He prayed, asked us to perform some procedures, and instructed us to not let her sleep alone at night. While my sister performed the rituals, I slept with her. No exaggeration, but I saw the door open, and a shadow walks towards her. When he saw me awake next to her, he slowly moved back out. In 15 days, we left the house for the master connected with the spirit and said it only did not want anyone living in that house! And so we did!


2) We had taken a family trip to Puri in Orissa. I wandered to the banks of the river there where the last rites are performed. I can still remember a body being brought in just then which left behind a strong odour.

I had become sleepless and stiff in the nights. My mother observed this and decided to sleep by me, but yet my body got stiff and I could not say a word out of my mouth. I constantly felt like someone was sitting on me pressing my shoulders, hands, and legs. The next morning, my mother immediately got in touch with a village religious practitioner who was sure that through that body smell, the spirit had followed me and wanted to be around me. Obviously, we did not want that, and without any questions, I placed two incense sticks in the last pot of my terrace as instructed. When that strong smell hit my nose, I never again felt the man’s presence around us. We later came to know that the man had burnt himself alive and so his spirit stuck around.

3) My father never believed in spirits. Whenever he would hear of such stories, he would shun them away dismissing the conversation. He was away for 4 months on a project that was in a resort in an open area in a remote village. He was fast asleep one night when he received a call to be outside the reception area. He ran and saw that a girl, extremely light weight had swollen up and was out of control.

Four heavy men, including my father, tried to catch hold of her but in vain. She grew aggressive and abusive. A villager was called, who confirmed that the open area many times invited spirits to roam around at night. Since she was alone and was returning late from the reception to her tent, a man’s wandering spirit caught hold of her. They took her to a nearby vegetative land, (and this might sound funny or weird but its true) she was given a bottle of alcohol, and then was scolded to leave with some mantras, and that surprisingly worked.

She fell to the ground and was put to sleep. She remembered nothing about it the next day!


4) They say India is a land of superstitions, and some of choose to not to believe in it. So there was this pregnant lady who lived nearby my house in my native place. She was out on her evening walk, and an old lady informed her that since she is in her eighth month of her pregnancy and should not leave her home after dusk. Yet, one day she was out and was sitting on the front porch of a neighbour’s house underneath a tree. They heard a loud shrieking sound. They realised the source was an owl sitting on the tree. The old lady was passing by just then, and she repeated her words saying -‘I told you not to leave your house after sunset because owls stay  awake after sunset.’ It will sound creepy, but the baby was born premature and the features were similar to that of an owl! The baby did not live longer than 3 days. Surprisingly, the old woman was never seen after that day. Her last words were, ‘The owl cast its negativity on you’!

Believe it or not, but the stories are true. While some seem hardly impossible to believe, the women we spoke to shivered while they narrated these incidents. I believe in them, do you?


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