4 Ways To Make Your Sex Life More Rocking

Sex without desire seems to be a common complaint among many married women and long-term relationships. The problem is common enough to have an entire book devoted to the subject. So this article will in no way exhaust the subject (sorry couldn’t resist) but offers some suggestions and tips to point you in the right direction.

Sex is very important to a healthy romantic relationship and without it many other problems will begin to develop and take root. These problems can be the beginning of the end concerning the relationship which is why it is so important to learn how to put a stop to your diminished sex drive.

Here are some suggestions to help you get in the mood and develop a stronger desire for sex.

1. Just Do It Anyway:

Just Do It Anyway

The tip most helpful sounds more like a command than anything else but there is an explanation which may help to motivate you. Just Do It Anyway. Getting on with it when you really do not want to can make something you used to love seem like a chore. But in the end this is the chore you will enjoy the most and in the end it will pay you rewards you just cannot get from vacuuming or washing dishes.

The fact is that many women have gone on with it even though they had no real urge or desire to do so. Having sex when you are not in the mood can make it seem like a chore but it is still the best recommendation. An interesting tidbit of information to add is that over 90% of those who went ahead with the sex reported that once they started they got into it and even enjoyed it.

2. Get Organized and create a plan or designated time to do it.

Get Organized and create a plan or designated time to do it.

Most women are juggling children, careers, household responsibilities as well as social lives it is no wonder many women claim to be too tired for sex. In this case, any answer to this problem should not require a whole lot of time or effort. This suggestion works out really well for most couples.

When you set a specific time for having sex it can build up its own momentum. The ultimate anticipation will help you to create more imaginative moments by thinking ahead of time what you want to do. Keeping a schedule however requires a bit of determination on both parties involved. This means whether or not you desire to have sex when the time comes it your partner is counting on you.

3. Reading erotic material out loud and in bed. 

Reading erotic material out loud and in bed

For the most part men tend to be visually stimulated while women answer more to a mental or psychological approach. This is something you can embark on and will not take too much energy. Most people find reading relaxing and it is relaxing but if the material can help to turn you on so much the better.

4. Talk about it during just before you sleep. 

Talk about it during just before you sleep.

This will either work great or not work at all. Everyone is different and not all people respond well to verbal communication. Funny thing about sex is that it is the highest form of communication and talkers tend to be less capable when it comes to ‘doing’. But keep in mind their is an exception to every rule.

Talking about sex can get you into the mood and it does not require a lot of energy. Just begin an exercise where you both lay in bed and talk about the best times you have had sexually and see if you get aroused. Talk about how you want to try a different position or a new place. Anything is game so long as you keep the conversation flowing and on the topic of sex you have a good chance of getting to the point where you will get in on.

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