4 sex *Progress* How to install it in relationship

The secret to keeping sex great and passion hot is concentrating on other things that will improve your connections with each other. What makes sex so passionate is the feelings you have for one another. It is so simple that many people overlook it. The most obvious of all the things that go on in any relationship is almost never realized by those inside the relationship.

There are many ways to improve your relationship and sexual performance. Surprisingly though, many of them begin outside of the bedroom. The more you concentrate on the closeness and the quality of your bond together the more barriers you can break in the bedroom.

The hum-drum of daily activities

The hum-drum of daily activities

There is not a single person in the world who does not want to be loved and appreciated. If you focus all of your attention on these things during your times together you will notice a huge change in the quality of your sex lives. Once you begin the hum-drum of daily activities it can be easy to numb yourself to romance. This is an ultimate love killer. Every time you do something unexpectedly kind and with personalized detail, the passion begins to come back. You can do this kind of thing and you should be doing this kind of thing every day.

Make the days that you bring her her favorite flowers or surprise her with something new of her favorite color outnumber the days that you do not. Try and go shopping with her and enjoy it. Men need to try to become more emotionally available. You should cuddle and not look at your watch when you do it. Men need to change and meet the woman halfway, if not more so.

The Other Women  – The blowy peak

The Other Women - The blowy peak

The same goes for women only in a slightly different perspective. Try to allow him his space when he needs it, as well as when he is quiet. This means no questions about it either.

Women need to change too. Give him that blow job that he is always crying for and do it out of the blue. Take an aggressive stand to the sex ritual and make him go down on you and tell him the specifics while he is doing it! (shucks chucks he will be down there out of sight anyway. So you do not even have to keep your eyes open when you are instructing to him.)

The above is not a sexist remark of any kind unless you take it that way. For women it is often the thought that counts and for men the act that matters. That does not mean there are not reversal scenarios. Some men are extremely sensitive and certain women can be very simplistic. We are all people and it takes all kinds.

The more, the better the feel is

The more, the better the feel is

The more you do for your partner the better you will feel about yourself. It feels good to do for others. Once you get into the habit it will be easy. It will make you feel good about yourself. Plus it will make you more emotionally available to each other. These are good mental health practices too.

Most people do not realize just how vital and important good mental health is for having good sex.

For instance; if you are relaxed and self confident these variables will make themselves available to the performance you give. They reflect who you are at the moment and what you are able to accomplish is so closely related to how you feel. Much like, “I think I can… I think I can… And you will! So keep positive thinking a part of your daily routine while you are serving each other’s happiness.

The No real secret – Secret!

you listen to each other

That, although to me is no real secret, is one of the most powerful things that I could share with anyone willing to listen. Things like ‘knowledge is the key to power’ and ‘Information is key to the outcome of your performance,’ really mean nothing if you do not truly believe in what you are doing. Or if you do not think you are capable of making the transformation then going through the motions will not be near as effective if you are not wholly dedicated inside and out.

One last and final word on lasting relationships and sex. If you are hung up about your past or your partner’s past, then the future will always be bleak. The past is dead get over it and move on. That is probably the best advice someone gave me when I was younger. My only wish is that I learned it in the womb. But hey, that’s all in the past.

These are the secrets to keeping passionate and soulful relationships. The secrets of sex and relationships are in the details of our everyday lives together. One of the most important things is that you listen to each other. I mean really listen. Sex is the highest form of communication. So practice all other forms of communicating and you will naturally improve.

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