Now is the Time!!

Today’s women! 

Strong, Fierce, Difficult, Mean, Selfish, Cold and Closed! We Have been what we have all conditioned to! A women that has been pushed several times, by showing to her that she is not worthy!

She is not a Man and nor she stands in the race! All Man need is your body! And many more! 

You are not the one what you have been labeled as! Yes you are strong! You are BEAUTIFUL (even if you think you are not)! You can take up any challenges! You are a fighter! You can win any battles! 

Yes, you are a warrior but you are also nurturing! And you do not have to prove it to anyone! Stop struggling with what people want you to be!strong woman

Men are not your Competition they are who they are!  It’s accepting you as you will give you peace and not winning over them or anyone! I know what exactly have you all been through because so am I! 

At the same time let others contribute to you! Not every man is mean! Don’t push them over and over again to know that they are genuine and they truly care! Instead let them show you how beautiful you are! Don’t put them to a place where you require proof of their caring! Don’t let them go to a place where you are at today! Allow them to gift you, You! Be open to receiving kindness, nurturing, gentleness! 

I know there are many who are extremely mean! But follow your instinct! You can never go wrong with the sense of who someone is! Just be willing to see who they are! Don’t blindfold yourself!

Ask yourself what/Who would work for you!? What/Who would contribute to you? What/Who will give you a sense of ease? And be open for it to show up!

Universe loves you and will always look after you and would give you what exactly you desire! There is nothing wrong in asking! Don’t be afraid of it! And yes you are not less if you ask! 

Be Beautiful! Be The Magic that you are! Be what makes you Happy!

No one can defeat you but you! 

Do not give anyone the power of your life!

Just Be You!! 

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