3 most important things a woman notices during the first meet with a man

Knowingly or unknowingly, a woman keeps on analyzing and evaluating a man when she meets him for the first time. As per a survey conducted, a woman notices the below mentioned points during the first meet.

Appearance – Right from the shoes to hair, a woman scans the guy from head to toe. Stained shoes, greasy hair, untrimmed nails leave a bad impression- the message being conveyed is that this person does not practice cleanliness and hygiene. A man who does not care about his appearance and looks can be perceived as a person with a negligent attitude and careless about the finer details.
first date
How a man greets – Firm handshake, pleasant smile, and eye contact are key factors which are directly linked to the person’s confidence. If not done properly it could leave an impression of lacking in self confidence.
His grammar and vocabulary – Everything from the way he says “Hello” a woman keeps judging and analyzing the words he uses. Good grammar and a robust vocabulary can leave a lasting impression. 

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