10 People Who Got Real Superpowers From Accidents- I

Although this article may sound very eccentric and nearly impossible but such mysterious and inexplicable incidents happened in different parts of the world and some of the people who experienced them are still living their lives happily.

  • Tony Cicoria

 A 42 year old Orthopaedic surgeon was hit by lighting in 1994 in the New York city  outside a pay phone booth while calling his mother. It was drizzling and thundering, while he was standing there. Later on all he could recall was the flash light which he saw coming out of the phone. Doctors declared him dead before a miracle happened and he was brought back to life. In due course he discovered about the difficulties he was facing with his memory which gradually vanished. In a day or two he had a sudden urge to listen to music which was followed by dreams and hallucinations in which he used to play piano and these dreams turned into his obsession to play an instrument which he had never learnt in his life. Cicoria told the New York times, ““I would get up at four in the morning and play till I went to work, and when I got home from work I was at the piano all evening. My wife was not really pleased. I was possessed”. The music came to him as an absolute torrent of notes with no breaks and he used to continue playing it. He continued his career in medicine but since then music never left his life. He turned into a spiritual human being and lost his heart to music forever. 

  • Unnamed Woman who melted ice.

 A women once received an electric shock from a faulty lamp after which she declared that she could heat her hands enough to melt ice. Her folks went dubious after hearing such claims. When she was challenged, she decided to prove it and got her picture clicked with her hands on a frozen lake in which the melted ice was clearly visible. This incident has no evidence to buttress the claim. The validity of this incident is also challenged since the photographer who took the picture declared it as a part of fantasy based photo series.

  • Nikolai Kryaglyachenko

 A 12 year old Russian school boy was hit by a very powerful electric shock which left his lifeless for a moment. The next morning when he woke up, he saw the coins which were lying on his mattress were stuck to his body. This incident was followed by another strange event in which he dropped his spoon on the breakfast table and the spoon stuck to his chest automatically. Although this was not the first story of a so called living magnet in the 19th century, but this boy claimed that he wanted to be a superhero and help people once he grew up.

  • Franco Magnani- The memory painter

Magnani,an Italian migrated to San Francisco in 1960s after which he suffered through a very high fever. This was followed by seizures and frenzies. In the due course, he started to recover and recall piddling details about his childhood home in Italy which he hadn’t even seen in last 30 years. He was so submerged will all his memories that he picked up a paint brush and began to pain even trivial details about all he could remember. This was his first experience with a paint brush as he worked as a wood worker and cook earlier. Doctors named this as ‘Temporal Lobe Epilepsy’ but for Magnani it was no less than a blessing. His obsession with painting never left him.

  • Jason Padgett

Padgett was attacked by two men outside a karaoke bar and was left with a serious trauma and severe concussion.  He was a furniture salesmen with no interest in academics but this incident turned his life upside down and after recovery he realised that he could visualise complex maths and physics concepts. He started sketching his visuals which consisted of circled made of overlapping triangles which helped him in understanding the concept of pi. He could understand super complex equations and to the surprise he had no formal training in mathematics. He is known to be the only person who could draw such complex shapes without the help of tools or stencils. Doctors shared many theories one of which was that the incident affected the part of his brain which was responsible for object boundary formation due to which he could understand complex mathematical diagrams.

This must have given you a chill down the spine and you must be doubting the validity of such incidents but yes, they are narrated and recorded, somewhere by someone and the doctors have given many theories to explain them but there is nothing concrete enough to support their claims.

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