10 People Who Got Real Superpowers From Accidents- II

Here is something astonishing, here is the list of five real life Super Heros who acquired their powers from some inexplicable accidents and the side effects came as boon for them. Although the doctors gave various theories but none of them was concrete enough to be believed.

  • Ben Underwood.

Ben Underwood was diagnosed with retinal cancer at a very young age of two, due to which his eyes were removed. He started learning the technique of echolocation and could detect the location of various objects by clicking sounds and listening to the echo. There is a book known as ‘Echoes of an angel’ written about the miraculous life of Ben. He could even play sports like football with his mastery in this technique. Unfortunately his cancer relapsed causing his death when he was 16 years old.

  • Ken Walters

In an accident Ken Walters, a 30 year old successful engineer, broke his limb and injured his back while playing with his son and was bed ridden for a year. This was followed by two heart attacks and his serious health conditions left him homeless and jobless. The period of misery lasted for about 19 years. In 2005 while he was in the hospital, he experienced another stroke which left his lower body paralyzed. With a pen and paper in his hand, he started to doodle without realising his act. This was followed by some weird days when he used to begin doodling at 2 am and continued till the morning. He was astonished will all this since this was the first time he drew anything. Gradually he turned into a professional artist and began earning a handsome amount of money. He was recognised by the electronic art industry and began to enjoy the fruits of this incident which his doctors termed as a consequence of his mental stroke.

  • Tommy McHugh

Tommy Mchugh, born in Britain was a builder and was also involved in youth crimes till 51 long years of his life. He was also a drug addict and had this eccentric tendency to punch random people around him. He suffered a stroke due to which he felt severe headache and doctors told him about his busted blood vessels due to which he went into coma for a week. After his recovery from this severe hemorrhage, he began to write poetry and turned into a very creative person. He also started speaking in rhymes and began to see weird images which he started to draw and paint. His art was displayed in exhibitions in U.K. and that incident totally changed him into a better person. Unfortunately he suffered from cancer in his last days and died in 2012.

  • Jon Sarkin

A chiropractor by profession, Sarkin was born in 1953 in New Jersey. At the age of 35 he began to suffer from a weird problem termed as tinnitus in which he experienced ringing in ears due to some problem in the blood vessels. This was followed with oversensitivity towards sounds. To get rid of this disease, he underwent a surgery which left him in a state of haemorrhage. When he recovered, he realised that the surgery left him partially deaf and his vision was also adversely affected. His doctors told him that his brain formed new connections which also gifted him an ability to draw. His paintings were featured in Vanity FairABC Medical Mysteries, Discovery Channel Documentary “Tormented by Genius,” GQARTNews, and the American Visionary Art Museum. Some of them also worth more than 10,000 dollars. Even today Jon paints portraiture, landscapes, and coverlapping images which are liked a lot all over U.K.

  • Anonymous Woman

A young woman while skiing during her family holiday experienced a black out followed by an accident but did not stop skiing even after feeling dizzy and sick. After continuous illness of 2 days, she went to the hospital and was diagnosed with concussion, dislocated shoulder and a broken collar bone. This was followed by some weird changed in her perception and also her ability to see. Gradually she began to remember the exact detail of what she saw and was able to bring out petty details in her nearly perfect diagrams. In due course, the doctors gathered an explanation for it and termed it as acquired savant syndrome which is a very rare condition and is found in a handful of people worldwide.


You may believe them or not but these incidents are recorded by doctors and reporters round the globe and they are still trying to comprehend the cause of these incidents to dig out some valid conclusions.

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